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PK-X is a friendly community with a caring staff team, as a member of PK-X you're benefited to enjoy new weekly updates in-game. PK-X is definitely based on pking, you can choose to play with pure or master account or choose your stats by yourself! Most of the items on PK-X are spawnable, however we have a variety of items that are gained by pking. As a pking server, we have a very good combat system which makes us a unique Runescape private server.
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Player killing at PK-X PK-X aims to provide the best experience for our players. We have a dedicated target system which could randomize the drop to the players. It will also randomize the amount of points you get for the kill, to make your game more interesting and mysterious.
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PK-X Website was updated. If you're experiencing any problems, or found any bugs, please let us know via the bug reports section, on the forums.
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